6 inch | serves 6-8 | 38
8 inch | serves 10-12 | 55
10 inch | serves 14-18 | 72
half sheet | serves 35-45 | 145 (requires 4-5 days notice)

midnight chocolate cake (w/o nuts) deep, dark devil’s food cake filled with a silky milk chocolate buttercream and finished with bittersweet chocolate ganache and fresh seasonal fruit

triple chocolate mousse cake (w/o nuts, gf) milk, dark, and white chocolate mousse between flourless chocolate cake layers, finished with chocolate ganache, and fresh seasonal fruit

lemon raspberry cake (w/o nuts) lemon cake filled with lemon curd, crushed raspberries, buttercream, and fresh seasonal fruit

carrot cake classic carrot cake made with raisins and walnuts and spices, frosted with sweet cream cheese icing, and decorated with candied carrot

boston cream pie (w/o nuts) sponge cake, vanilla cream, coffee syrup, chocolate ganache, and fresh seasonal fruit

birthday cake (w/o nuts) vanilla with vanilla buttercream

hazelnut-almond dacquoise (gf) hazelnut & almond meringues with coffee buttercream & dark ganache, decorated with hazelnuts. 6.30/slice

low fat vegan chocolate bundt cake (v, w/o nuts) rich chocolatey bundt cake with chocolate chips, topped with vegan ganache
(serves 8-10) 35

coconut cake (veg, w/o nuts) fluffy coconut cake filled with coconut buttercream and covered in shredded coconut
(8″ size only, serves 8-10) 55

chocolate cupcakes (w/o nuts) rich, chocolatey, and moist cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream
5.25 each

seasonal cupcake flavor – rosemary cupcake made with orange zest and juice, topped with orange frosting 5.25 each

notice we require at least 24 hours notice on all 6, 8 and 10 inch cakes and at least 5 days notice for half sheet cakes.

*Please note that we may require more notice than previously required but we will always do our best to accommodate!

to order please click here and select cake request from the menu. Please note that we may require more notice than previously required but we will always do our best to accommodate!

cancellations we require 24 hours advanced notice to cancel any cake or catering order. food allergy abbreviations: gf: wheat/gluten-free df: dairy-free v: vegan veg: vegetarian **please note that not all ingredients are listed on the menu

Please note that we are not a nut-free or gluten-free facility; our kitchen processes many items with nuts and flour. We mark those items that are made without nuts or flour “w/o nuts” or “GF”. This means that no flour or no nuts were included in their making. If you have questions please feel free to contact us directly.